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Editor, Bridgeton News, Bridgeton, New Jersey. Emailed on May 30, 2006

To the Editor:

Three years ago I supported Chester Riland for Township Committee. I wrote letters to the editor and I put information on my website in support of Mr. Riland. I realized very soon after Mr. Riland was elected that I had made a terrible mistake.

As matter of fact, I realized my terrible mistake within about ten minutes of the results being made public at the Downe Municipal complex. I was there when Mr. Riland and Mr. Ready had an altercation. I didn't see the actual altercation but I did see Mr. Riland swaggering his way back to his truck on the other side of the parking lot from where Joe lay on the ground. At least three people testified at trial that they saw Mr. Riland attack Mr. Ready.

I mention all of the above because of the way Mr. Riland is using a shameful and embarrassing experience in Gene MacMurray's personal past. Mr. Riland is campaigning with a photocopy of the police blotter where Mr. MacMurray's crimes are mentioned. Personally, I think the action of Mr. Riland circulating the police blotter information is extremely tacky and uncalled for in our Downe township politics. Only beating up on the loosing team is worse.

Gene MacMurray has written a personal and pained letter to Downe residents in which he goes public about his life-changing bout with severe depression. Life debilitating depression is real. Dealing with it publically as Mr. MacMurray--and the wife of our most recent Governor--had to do is quite personally difficult. Mr. MacMurray and the governor's wife have publically announced their depression and how it has effected their life.

Mr. Riland, on the other hand, needs to stop throwing stones. Mr. Riland needs to come clean to the residents of Downe about what he did that night, three years ago.

Vote for Gene MacMurray!

Bernie Sayers

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